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Are you frustrated with your high TNB electricity bills? We believe an independent body is the best way to verify electricity consumption to provide peace of mind for consumers.
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Yes, I want my TNB meter checked by an independent body.
  1. I am signing this petition to make this happen.
  2. Please update me on progress on that matter via email

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Senior Electrical Engineer, 30 years experience

Power factor is an important issue. The new meters measure power factor therefore cause an increase in everybody’s electricity bills. An investigation into this issue of power factor much be transparently conducted

Kelli B. Grant, CNBC

Hot Summer May Make Consumers Sweat Over A/C Bills A hotter-than-normal summer could make consumers sweat—particularly over their rising energy bills.
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Has Your Meter Changed?

Did you come home one day to find out that your analogue meter has been changed to a digital version without any notice?

Bill Increased?

Has your electricity bill increased since the new installation? Do you want to know the root cause of this sudden increase?

Need Professional Advice?

We suggest an independent body to check the reliability of your meter. This verification would help you to better manage your electricity usage.

Are you one of


Tenaga Nasional Berhad customers? Are you frustrated with your high
electricity bills? We would like to find the root cause of this increase. We believe an independent body is the best to
verify the reliability of your electricity meters. Ultimately, we aim to provide peace of mind to all consumers.

TNB Digital Meter

The controversy over the newly installed digital Electric meters by TNB is something Malaysians are no stranger to. For years, no convincing explanation has been forwarded. We have had thousands of citizens complaining to us about their bills; some experienced an increase of up to 40%. Together with YB Hannah Yeoh, we have been urging TNB to provide answers.

SS14 resident

My bill went up RM120 to RM160 a month. That means my bill has increased RM480 a year. I am willing to go all the way & pay up to RM100 to get my meter checked by an independent body. I don’t want TNB to check for me.

Instead of waiting for TNB to act, Dato Chua Jui Meng, Dato Dr. Tan Kee Kwong, Dr. Xavier Jayakumar and Wong Chen of PKR has decided to start this campaign. We propose that the government create an independent body to check and test the new electric meters.

In order to pressure the government to agree to set up an independent body, we need at least 10,000 petitioners to support this campaign. So vote yes to independent meter checking!


Watch out for tariff hike by year-end or early 2014 – PKR

PKR to probe high electric bills, digital meter complaints

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  • June

    After the installation of the digital meter over a year ago, my bill jumped over RM100.00. I immediately stop using the air-conditioner and tried hard to cut down using the kettle, iron, fan and even the lights. The bill was still high after a couple of months and I made an official (written) complaint at TNB. A technician came to do a “physical check” – looked & see, asked a few questions and asked me to sign a form that said he has attended to the complaint. Then he reported that the meter is working and nothing is wrong with it.


      A TNB technician is just don’t care about our complaints…Damn that tecnician!

      • yuan meng lok

        they also cannot do anything, their job is to make sure the things work,,, thats all…

  • Koko

    “To find a fault is easy; to do better maybe difficult” . I hope everyone can accept the fact that the old meter are getting rusty after 15 years without maintenance. That why it getting slower compare to a new meter.

  • Koko

    “To find a fault is easy; to do better maybe difficult” . I hope everyone can accept the fact that the old meter are getting rusty after 15 years without maintenance. That why it getting slower compare to a new meter.

    • Ding How Leong

      This is another sleeping voter to pop up here tell crap.we are full aware of that,the problem is with huge subsidized from taxers money on coals/raw material,TNB is still crying they have making lost and frequently they have to review or increased the tariff of electric,now they easily make tonne of money with meter changed :-8,030,000 x 100 =RM803,000,000.00,however, they still claimed that only break even or marginal lost have to revised rate again in year end.pls tell us where

      were the huge subsidized money and the anticipated amount of profit gone ?????

    • Guest 1

      Do post up some pictures to prove your “rusty meter” hypothesis.

    • Pat

      Well, if the old meters get rusty after after 15 years, then I guess it would be fair to change to new meters of similar type and not digital meters. For example, if my Kancil gets run down after 5 years, I would probably change to car of similar model & value, not change to BMW or Merz.

  • towmater

    tv also gone digital hd astro. electricity meter also go digital lor. better accuracy. so accurate got hurt on butt expensive. only wanna use electromechanical cause its cheap. stingy can pay astro, mobile, internet, electricity cannot pay arrr???

    • A Responsible Malaysian

      Sir, not everyone is as rich or should I say, spend thrift. Many are struggling to pay. Please be mindful before judging others.

    • BeNaX

      Later they will install Flexi meter online reading just need wifi or boardband or wireless net. As they are consider it as they want to save more job. I will pity those TNB meter reading worker sooner they will be jobless soon…

  • Adenan Yasin

    Pada bulan April meter letrik rumah aku ditukar baru atas alasan meter lama tak berfungsi. Pada 15/05/13 aku terima bil dengan jumlah negative RM66.52. Aku tak bayar bil bulan tersebut sehinggalah aku terima bil pada 13/06/13 dgn jumlah RM 199.53. Selepas ditolak RM66.52 bil yg harus dibayar adalah RM133.00. Aku bayar bil tersebut pada 03/07/13. Aku terima bil lagi pd 22/07/13 dgn jumlah bil RM305.50 tanpa ada tunggakan. Aku agak terkejut dengan kenaikan bil letrik lebih 100%. Nak cekik rakyat ke ni lepas pilihanraya..???duit dh byk habis beli undi.

    • mohdyusoff mohdayatim

      Kes U ni sama dengan kes rumah saya..Itupun ada ura2 nak naik lagi tarif. Kerajaan duk hebohkan telah beri percuma kepada pengguna yg pakai kurang dari rm20. mana ada lagi pengguna yg menggunakan letrik seperti itu lagi. Kalu rumah tu tak didiamni (Pengguna pindah) adalah.. Kalu naik lagi kenalah kita pakai pelita..

  • hamzah ali

    After the first meter broke down,tnb came n replaced to a new one but they tried to manipulate the bills n i managed to traced it n asked them to recalculate the bills n took them four months to rectify it

  • Ahmad Ramadzan

    My bill now rm 400-600. Previously around rm200-350

  • T Raj Alagarisamy

    after digital meter changed…..with same amount of usage……i’m paying extra RM100

  • Yong

    Previously my elektrik bill was RM200-Rm300 but after i have changed to the digital meter it rose up to RM 1000. Complaints has been made but no actions have been taken.

  • Alex

    Previously my electric bill was rm200 to rm300 for double storey house with less using aircondition in my house. After TNB do adjustment to my house meter 10 mths back , now electric bill become rm700 to rm800per mth. When I reported to view my house meter , they never come. And when I say my house meter is default then say need to charge me rm1500 for changing a new one. Wat is this ridiculous ? Even I do the complaint also no used. I will support this campaign . Kalau nak wang ambik lah negara lain jangan lah ambik wang anak Malaysia . Kerajaan yang tak tumpu kepada rakyat.

  • Low Chee Ming

    My electricity bill used to be around RM30 to RM50 before installation of digital meter. After the installation, the bill goes up to RM80 to RM110 per month.

    Currently I am working abroad and I have only two sons staying in the house. They leave the house as early as 7.00 am and come back only after 5.00 pm. They normally turn on the air conditioner (1.5Hp) before going to sleep at about 10.00 pm. There is a water heater installed in the house and my sons used it only once a day before they go to campus. Most of the time they are eating outside and hardly do any cooking at home.

    Simple calculation on the power consumption based on the power rating on all the electrical appliances simply does not sum up to the amount stated on my electricity bill.

    Complaints had been made but instead of looking into the complaints TNB threatened to cut off my electricity supply if I do not pay my bill.

    • Naim NZ

      same as me sir. well, not the threat part but I have been paying for my parents’ electricity while I’m living outside. Sometimes it pains me to ask them to cut down on the air cond as the weather is hot currently, but seeing the bills, I have no choice. 2 elderly’s usage can reach over hundred. How is that possible? Do I need to ask them to live in dark after all? Sheesh.

    • checkyourtnbmeter

      Could you share your power consumption calculation method with us? Would be a useful info to share with the rest =)

  • man

    dah banyak kali buat komplain

  • pandak kincut

    Sebelum guna meter digital bil bulanan purata RM70/80 sebulan…..selepas pasang bil bulanan menjadi RM 170/ 190 sebulan……rakyat didahulukan mampos…..

  • duanz

    Anybody/any organisation calibrated the meter and certified the meter.

    • zamir muhammad

      Govt. should appoint an independent body to carry our verification before meter is fixes to the respective premises. The equipment used for verification need to be calibrated to a reference standard which is internationally recognised. To answer your question, it would probably done by TNB internally..

  • wan s

    This new tariff is bullshit…nowadays i have to pay 2++ to 3++ per month…before this i only paid for like 1++. Yes i am willing to pay for independent body to check my meter.

  • Jane

    Before installation of the digital meter my electrcity bill is around RM 160 and i also feel expensive then make complaint to TNB. After the technician came and check straight away change to new digital meter and said next month bill will be fine. After a month, my godness ! my electricity bill increase from RM 160 to RM 320 per month. That’s a crazy man ! I called to TNB and make complaint they said it is normal ! What la, normal ! Very disappointed with their services.

  • Halim

    Are my meter have been calibrated?Looks like need to adjust the meter either zero or span…

    • zamir muhammad

      all meter will normally go thru a verification process to determine that it meets the required standard, (to an international standard), before being installed.Verification certificate will be issued, showing all the information for each meter.This is important when verification is carried out.

  • Ednes

    My house is a new house and is installed with digital meter, and only my husband and me stay in the house…our bill was always keep around RM40 to RM50…After this year in February 2013, the TNB guy came and informed us our digital meter was spoilt and need to replace with a new 1…since tat replacement, my bill has increase to RM60+++ every month, and the usage of the electricity is more than last time, which additional usage of 20 to 30kwh. And we find the way they calculate the bill is quite vary from month to month. Some times can be first 200kwh under 0.218cts, and some times can be 190kwh charge 0.218cts/kwh, then the remaining usage will jump to the higher charging rate.

  • jejaka bujang

    saya adalah seorang lelaki bujang yang hanya duduk di rumah sewa flat seorang diri. barang2 elektrik saya rice cooker, electric cooker, laptop, tv, kipas, lampu. saya berkerja dari jam 8 pagi hingga 5.30 ptg. dan ini bermakna saya tidak menghidupkan sebarang barangan elektrik ketika ini. tetapi yang menghairankan saya bil elektri saya hampir mencecah rm40. adakah tarif sudah naik?

  • Leong

    My electricity bill used to be around RM40 to RM50 before installation
    of digital meter. After the installation, the bill goes up to RM100++ per month. And everyday My wife and I start leaving house on 8.00a.m and reach home about 9.00pm. And we seldom use air-conditioner.

    Everyday electricity usage routine is the same.
    How come after changed the digital meter, my monthly bill increased almost 100% every months ? And I’ve checked with the TNB people and the excuse they give me is before the changes they only charged the bill based on the assumed usage and not the accurate reading on my electricity meter.

  • Kitson

    Before installation of my new meter, my bill between RM180 to RM230, after installation my bill went up to average RM600 per month. Called TNB to check and was told, the meter reading fine and accurate.

  • Nicole


  • FaiFai

    my home, dont have aircond, 8am – 5pm all went to work.
    night only open the stand fan….
    1 pc…
    my bill more than RM130+++ /month. atleast…

    sorry my english poor…

  • Leong

    it would be nice to have an independent body to come over and tests it ,but a hundred bucks is not really a chump change,even if it’s tested to be malfunctioned,and have them sent to replace the old one,and then what?my guess is that the new meter would run the same as the old one.and if the meter is to be fine after testing it ,there goes my hundred’s a no win situation we are in.

    • zamir muhammad

      methinks, public should not pay for the verification.My question would be as follow,
      How the independent verification test done?
      What would be the reference std.used?
      If there is a difference on the reading, what would the permissible error?
      Verification to which std?
      which reference standard were these testing equipment callibrated?

      Please comment.

  • BeNaX

    It is good idea to have independent body to double check the meter reading if not mosty of the Malayisan rakyat is paying more $$$ without knowing the hiding EXTRA cost TNB is charging high bill .. i have notice my electricity is high too since last year after new meter installed. Complain ?? they (TNB) will say Digital meter is ok .. not faulty .. let say if we pay more the meter is ok if we pay less then need to change a New Meter reading .. not all area have changed to digital meter .. some area still using old type meters. So to rob the Rakyat hidden cost it is easy thru electricity bill .. by 30% TO 45% PER MONTH .. So we know it is 1TNB ….. = (1 To Nation Burden)

  • Vivian

    my meter was change over 3 years to digital meter but then my bill keep on increase and up to day is RM340 -RM390 per month and i only have 1 aircond and we hardly at home. lodge a complaint they said everything is good no one stealing electricity.

  • Sammy

    My electrical bill is RM380++ for small family. I only use 1 air-cond at night time, water heater for bath and a fridge. I really don’t understand why my electrical bill is so high.

  • Alvin

    Help… I also face the same problem.
    I only use one air con, but each month my bill is around rm300-rm400!!! Crazy!!!

    I already complaint with TNB, but TNB ask me find “outside” technician to check firstly!!!
    If confirm is meter problem then TNB only send their technician come!!!

  • AL Loh

    My electricity bill used to be around RM120+/- before installation of new digital meter. After the installation, the bill goes up to RM160+/- per month.

  • Nick See

    I lived in USJ13, my bill has been increased more than 100% after changing to a new meter. Before changing it was around RM80 – RM120, after changing it is at least RM280 now. For May & June ’13, it spike to RM600 per month, what the heck! I did complaint to TNB, they paid a visited and said meter has no problem.

    This is really unacceptable.

  • Jsern

    From RM140 – RM160 averagely for the past few years ..and now after entering 2013 my bills rises to RM220 – RM240.

  • ivanmah

    just want to check with you guys my house tnb bill why every month around RM300? Morning 9am go to work and around 10pm go back home sleep. 2 aircond using at nite is it high or reasonable?

  • Jess

    900 sf small apartment .fr Aug 2008 to Jun 2013 average Rm 150 . Last month my TNB bill Rm 309 !!!

  • Yeoh

    My babysitter who stay in Taman Sejatera for many years. Their electricity bill was around RM60 to RM90 per month but since new digital meter installed, the bill was jacked to RM300+ per month. The house has 3 air cond but only 1 unit 1hp air cond is working… others are normal house appliances. Usage is just like usual but when the air cond on, the meter blink very fast.

    The old lady did ask her daughter’s family (including son-in-law and 2 grandchildren) to reduce the usage but refuse because the daughter said her deceased husband agreed that they to pay for all electricity bill while the daughter pay for all water bill. I truly feel sorry for her to have an inconsiderate daughter and son-in-law who only pay RM300 per month to stay there and not willing to help in saving the electricity or paying the bill. The RM300 is not even enough to pay for monthly TNB bill.

    Pity the old lady who always cry when giving the bill and ask me to pay using babysitting fees and return her the balance. I wish to raise the babysitting fees but she doesnt accept. Perhaps, this will help her find the cause of extreme bill increase and fix it for good.

    Seriously, i dont see gov is helping poor rakyat but instead i see gov allowing those buddies’ companies to squeeze even a tiny drop of fluid from $hit in poor rakyat. The “subsidi bahan api dibiayai kerajaan persekutuan” on each TNB bill is only for showing purpose because i did compare the new bill with old bill and very old bill too but i dont really see it was deducted on the bill.

  • Guowei Lee


  • Toni

    after changed to new meter, my bill was RM1700 approx. when ask tnb they said it was accumulated charges for last 3months(which it was old meter that time). and the new meter is running very fast . complains were not really taken serious. and the subsidi by state gov was not counted in the bill. when ask TNB they say it is nothing. whats goin on actually…???? 50% increase in my tnb bil.

  • Lucifer

    complain also no use…..they will ignore u until give yellow letter follow by red…..then they will cut ur line (while we all think they are investigating)….. monthly use how much is not controlled by us but they demand how much we pay…enough la….complain also no use…….it’s time we bring in fresh investors to compete with tnb rather than having them monopolizing the market……then only the bill will go down not to mention the service attitude as well……we also have a choice where to let our money flow.

  • Nic

    TNB is a cheater ..every month i need pay for 3xx – 4xx ,9am to 5pm all went out working ,how come the tnb bill can grow up to 3xx – 4xx ?

  • elvingan


  • Ong

    I moved to Klang Valley 4 years ago. I rented a double storey house with minimal appliances = TNB bill @ below RM20. Later I added more appliances (air cond, fridge, TV) = TNB bill @ ca. RM40. After buying a new double storey house 2 years ago, i moved in with roughly the same appliances = TNB bill @ ca. RM 40. Two monthly ago, my TNB meter was faulty and a new meter was installed. Last month TNB bill @ RM 110+; this month TNB bill @ RM 80+ (after i tried reducing power usage due to the ‘unexpected’ jump in bill….). What happened?!